Best Plant-Based Protein Sources for a Healthy Body

Plant-Based Protein Sources

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“Where do you get your protein?” is a common question vegans often hear. Many people believe a plant-based diet can’t fulfill our daily protein needs, but it’s far from the truth. With proper knowledge and planning, it’s easy to meet your protein needs with plant-based sources.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Your daily protein needs depend on your weight and activity level. On average, the World Health Organization recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. So, if you weigh 70 kg, you need 56 grams of protein daily.

Plant-Based Protein Sources

Whole Foods

Numerous whole food sources of plant-based protein can help meet your daily protein needs. Some of the best options include:

  • Lentils (9g per 100g)
  • Chickpeas (9g per 100g)
  • Black Beans (8g per 100g)
  • Quinoa (4g per 100g)
  • Tofu (8g per 100g)
  • Peanuts (26g per 100g)
  • Almonds (21g per 100g)
  • Spinach (2.9g per 100g)
  • Broccoli (2.8g per 100g)
  • Sweet Potato (2g per 100g)

Plant-Based Protein Powders and Bars

In addition to whole food sources, plant-based protein powders and bars are also available for a convenient protein source. When choosing, look for high-quality sources such as pea, brown rice, or hemp protein. Avoid added sugars and preservatives.

Elite Athletes Thrive on Plant-Based Protein

Despite misconceptions, a plant-based diet can provide all the protein and nutrients for high-level athletic performance. This is evident in the increasing number of athletes who switch to plant-based diets for better health and performance. Some top athletes who follow a plant-based diet include:

  • Venus Williams, tennis player
  • Jermain Defoe, professional footballer
  • Kendrick Farris, Olympic weightlifter
  • Lewis Hamilton, Formula One racing driver

Optimal Health and Wellness with Plant-Based Protein

Getting enough protein on a plant-based diet is not only possible but easy. With a wide range of whole food sources and convenient options like plant-based protein powders and bars, it’s simple to meet your daily protein needs and maintain optimal health and wellness. Embrace the power of plant-based protein!

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